Review of Christmas tree embroidery toy FLE-043

Dear friends! We are pleased to bring to your attention the tailoring of a wonderful Christmas tree toy for embroidery with beads FLE-043

The toy is packed in a transparent corporate bag with euro-loops (photo No. 1). The set consists of two halves of one toy, but, if desired, two separate halves can be made, for this the manufacturer provided for everything – put 2 curly cuts of felt to decorate the back wall of each of them. The cotton fabric for embroidery is fixed on a curly frame, which can be painted or decorated in any way you like. The kit includes five-color beads in the amount of 504 pcs, instructions for embroidering with beads and decorating the frame, the key for embroidery, threads, 2 needles of the same length and cute bonuses: a wooden blank for decorating the New Year theme too and a mini-card (photo 2).

Work with embroidery and decoration brings a lot of pleasure. This time, a stencil was applied to the wooden frame, making it easier for needlewomen to paint the toy. Thank you very much for such lovely New Year plots. The process and result in photo 3-9. The remains of beads – photo 5.


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