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Diamond embroidery is a type of handicraft that has become popular not so long ago. This technology differs from ordinary embroidery. A person needs to use not a needle but special tweezers or plastic pencil with silicone pad, attaching small mosaic details to the canvas so that they make a full image. Since the image has already been stamped onto the canvas, the process of creating a picture is quite simple, and the final product is no less aesthetic than cross-stitch or satin stitch embroidery.

Each master has their own source of inspiration, for some it is birds. InspirationCrafts’ customers will find many bird diamond paintings in the store. Peacocks and hummingbirds, tits and bullfinches — we have pictures of birds for every taste. Unique designs will be appreciated by anyone who has an eye for beauty. If you choose a nice packaging, your diamond painting can be presented as a gift.

Choosing the diamond painting birds in the InspirationCrafts store

It’s very easy to find a suitable kit in our store, because all items are sorted by cost and level of difficulty. After you chose the theme you like (in our case, it is “Birds”) and set the price, you simply browse through the offered options and select the one that will find a response in your heart. A bird diamond art piece will certainly not leave any hobbyist indifferent.

Don’t rush to leave our store immediately after the purchase, because you may need some tools for comfortable work. We recommend purchasing a special tray or container with compartments for bird diamond painting kits. You can lay out the diamond crystals there, sorting them by color. This will allow you to finish your work much faster and easier.


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