Magnetic needle holder

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The needle holder is an essential accessory for the embroiderer. The embroidery process requires a lot of patience, attention and concentration. A needle bar installed on the embroidery work area will prevent needle loss.

Features of the magnetic needle holders

Modern needlewomen use special magnets for embroidery needles. They make the job much easier. Many old craftswomen do not even know about such accessories. Because before, they simply collected the needles on a magnet and kept them next to them. Now there is a new approach to organizing comfortable work.

The canvas magnet has not only a functional purpose, but also an aesthetic function. This is usually a nice little tool with a magnet on the back. It is attached to the canvas, securing it from the inside with another magnet. And the needle, if necessary, is left on it.

How to purchase Magnetic needle holder

In InspirationСrafts, you can buy products by retail, with wholesale also being available. There are many different variations of handicraft magnets on sale. You can go to the online store and choose the models you like. Order needle holder accessories online and bring your most daring design idea to life.

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