Christmas ornament kit

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Dear friends! Beadwork is perhaps one of the most traditional types of needlework. However, nothing in this world stands still and gradually changes to match the time and circumstances. We try to keep up with scientific and technological progress and meet the requirements of modern needlewomen! That is why we have developed amazing sets for embroidery on plastic, which simply cannot fail to charm any, even the most demanding craftswoman!

Plastic is a material, of course, not quite classical, but nevertheless it has a number of important advantages. For example, embroidery made on a plastic basis will seem to float in the air, because if you do not look closely, then the high-quality material that we use in the production of sets will be almost invisible to the enthusiastic viewer. In addition, the embroidery made on plastic will be distinguished by increased strength and durability and will not deteriorate from moisture.

We invite you, our dear customers, to deviate from tradition a little and personally try out our wonderful kits for embroidery with beads on plastic! We have no doubt that you will get a lot of positive emotions from working with such unusual material and be sure to add our new sets to your “standard” creative program!

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