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Diamond embroidery (diamond painting or mosaic) is a relatively new, but quite popular type of art. The technology of making them is quite simple: a drawing has already been applied to the fabric, each piece has its own number corresponding to a certain color. Using tweezers, you should transfer the mosaic details to the canvas. All products have their unusual design and are durable. This is not only a unique interior accessory but also a good gift for your significant other.

The InspirationCrafts store offers a wide selection of kits, ranging for different factors: cost, difficulty level and, of course, theme. Many buyers choose baby diamond painting. Pictures of children are always in demand and fit perfectly into any room regardless of its purpose and style. Here you will find a wide variety of offers on this subject to suit any taste.

How to choose a baby diamond painting

After you‘ve set cost and difficulty limits, it remains to choose the image that you like from the available options. There are a lot of items in the new baby diamond painting category, so you will definitely find what you need. Although the diamond embroidery is an innovative thing, paintings of children were popular for many years. They were painted, embroidered, etc.

After you decided to buy baby diamond painting, select a storage place the diamond crystals. A regular container or tray is not the best choice, since all crystals will mix there, and you will have to separate them from each other every time. A special organizer with separate compartments will guarantee you won’t need to regularly sort crystals by color.


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