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Religious motives have remained one of the most popular themes for embroidered paintings for many years. You can find a lot of patterns for embroidered icons. This trend was picked up by the manufacturers of the diamond embroidery kits. The handy persons can now easily purchase religious diamond painting kits.

Diamond embroidery is an application created with multi-colored rhinestones. The numbered image is already stamped on the fabric, so you only need to glue the “diamonds” of a certain color in their right places. This is a simple but painstaking process that requires maximum attention and accuracy. Thanks to the shiny coating of rhinestones, finished paintings have a stunning effect.

At InspirationCrafts, customers will find various religious diamond painting kits. The selection of our goods are divided by topics. It’s enough to enter your request, and all offers of the specified topic will appear on the monitor. You are guaranteed to find exactly what you need in our store.

Additional tools for religious diamond painting

Each lit includes rhinestones of different colours, printed canvas, tweezers or plastic pencil with silicone pad for applying diamonds on the canvas. Since they are of a very small size, you need to thing about storage options in advance. A special organizer with several compartments would be a good option. These containers can be purchased together with the religious diamond art.

Despite the fact that diamond embroidery is a fairly new craft, paintings created in this way are very popular. They would look great on a wall and can also be a unique gift. Moreover, you can give not only a finished painting but also a diamond art religious kit. Perhaps, thanks to your gift, there will be one more crafts person in the world.



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