Having sewed a set for embroidery with beads on a tree FLK-194

Dear friends! We are pleased to bring to your attention a wonderful sewing kit for embroidery with beads on wood FLK-194! This review was carried out as part of an affiliate program.

Tulip delicate petal
He folded his hands
In a bouquet a flower clings to a flower
On a delicate fragile leg.
In the flowers breath of spring
Nature’s awakening,
They are full of hope
And give inspiration.

The main advantage of the kit is a complete set with all the necessary materials:

  • A well-polished wooden blank for embroidery, which has a pleasant smell;
  • stand under the workpiece and a delicate napkin made of foamiran;
  • felt for the wrong side;
  • a large, clear, understandable, with clearly distinguishable icons diagram on sheet A4, which indicates the colors and amount of beads used in the kit;
  • instructions for beadwork in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English;
  • Czech Preciosa beads in 11 colors in sufficient quantity;
  • a spool of branded thread for embroidery (100 m), two long needles with a gilded eye;
  • collectible company card.
    All kit components are packaged in separate zip bags.

Another wonderful novelty from a series of pieces of wood on a stand 🙂 A bouquet of delicate tulips will be a wonderful interior decoration! Wonderfully selected colors of beads perfectly convey the tenderness of spring flowers and the first greens, making the bouquet look very realistic!

The entire contents of the kit are reliably protected from damage – packed in a dense cardboard box and wrapped in foam polyethylene. All beads are given with a good supply (see the photo). The blank is embroidered with a “monastic” seam. The instructions recommend embroidering the blank with one thread! addition, but since I embroider such blanks with a thread in two additions, I was pleasantly surprised that there were enough threads and even a margin remained !!!

Source: volshebnaya-strana.com.ua

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