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Threads or beads and fabric are not enough to create a unique embroidered picture, an artisan will also need other needlework tools and accessories. Buyers will find a huge variety of craft materials in our store InspirationСrafts. Needlework accessories will add sophistication to your embroidery, auxiliary accessories will help craftspeople to create a unique masterpiece that can become a decoration of any room at your home. High-quality materials for embroidery will not only improve the appearance but extend life of the finished craft as well. With our accessories, making pictures is much more convenient, you will be able to embody any, even the most fantastic design.

How to choose accessories for embroidery

In InspirationСrafts catalog, a buyer will find a lot of excellent-quality and attractive products. Some of them are of practical importance and facilitate the process of creating a picture, while others are intended only to improve the visual side of a hand-made masterpiece. In our store, both a beginner and an expert will be able to choose any materials needed for embroidery.

What will customers find in InspirationСrafts catalog?

  • lace;
  • hoop;
  • frame of any shape;
  • embroidery stands;
  • embroidery kit and accessories;
  • organizers for beads and threads;
  • skeins holders;
  • storage boxes for materials needed to embroider.

Storage organizers are worth being mentioned separately. Here, you will find a large variety of shapes – from geometric ones to animal silhouettes. Also, some items feature a stylish pattern; the print is pleasing for eyes and can become a great source of inspiration to a craftsperson. Also, the storage boxes have different number of sections. There are more than one collection of organizers available, which gives you more options to choose the right one.

As for the thread organizers, they make life of needlewomen much easier. From now on, you won’t have to spend a lot of time unraveling threads. With skein holders, trim becomes much more convenient, it is a great catcher for threads, which makes this device necessary for any needlewoman as well.

How to purchase hand embroidery accessories

All accessories needed for hand-made crafts can be bought online on our official website and in social networks — Instagram, Facebook. You can contact us in messengers.

In InspirationСrafts, you can buy products by retail, with wholesale also being available. All the products, regardless of their material, whether it is plastic, wood, or glass, are securely packed, which eliminates any chances of damage during transportation.
Online shopping for embroidery materials offers the best products of various size. Order accessories online and bring your most daring design idea to life.


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