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Today many people choose an innovative and rather interesting kind of creativity, the diamond embroidery. Diamond paintings are a kind of application, for the creation of which you need:

  • canvas;
  • multi-colored acrylic rhinestones (“diamonds”);
  • tweezers or plastic pencil with silicone pad;
  • frame to decorate your work.

InspirationCrafts offers a wide selection of ready-made kits sorted by topic, price, and difficulty level. If you are just planning to make diamond painting your hobby, it is buying diamond painting kits for beginners. It’s better to choose floristic patterns, butterflies or asymmetrical images, since unevenly glued mosaic details will not stand out on them. The good thing about diamond embroidery is that even small flaws will not spoil the final effect.

How to choose a diamond painting for beginners

Thanks to convenient filters, it is quite easy to choose a suitable option. You just need to decide on the theme of your future creative project and study the available assortment. In our store, customers will find images of butterflies, flowers, children, animals, as well as religious and geometric motifs in the works of diamond art for beginners.

Nice sale conditions are available for many products in our store, and this is another reason to put them in your shopping cart. Also, you should consider purchasing other required materials that are not included.

There are many small diamonds of different colors in the beginners diamond painting. If you just lay them out on a table, you may accidentally brush them off with hand or mix them all together. After that you will have to search for the right crystal among the color chaos for a long time.

Purchasing a special container with several compartments is a rational solution to this situations. With a handy it’s much easier to sort out the full range of crystals, which in turn speeds up the process. The InspirationCrafts store offers various storage options.

How to use the diamond painting starter kit

Diamond embroidery cannot be applied to clothing or towels, as the rhinestones will come off the fabric during washing or use. The finished painting should decorate your personal collection. If you choose a right design, the painting will favorably decorate your home’s interior.

Moreover, a picture created using this technology will become an excellent gift, you just need to choose a nice packaging, in which your masterpiece will not be damaged. You can also gift a set of paint with diamonds for beginners, so that a person tries themselves as an artist, creating a unique piece of art.

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