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Many handy persons have long discovered such kind of creative activity as diamond embroidery. It’s much easier than embroiding with threads on fabric. At the same time, diamond paintings look no worse. Moreover, such images can be called literally shiny, as acrylic rhinestones, or the “diamonds,” sparkle and shimmer in the sun, producing an unforgettable effect.

One of the most popular themes for paintings is natural motives. Thus, diamond art flowers are in great demand among the customers of the InspirationCrafts store. Small multi-colored pieces are glued to the canvas, painting it with amazing floral patterns. After the work is complete, it remains only to place it in a frame and replenish your collection with another handmade masterpiece, or present it to someone as a gift.

How to buy diamond paintings flowers

The selection of products in our store is divided by difficulty level, sale conditions and topics. This approach greatly facilitates the process of finding the desired item. All materials that you may need for work are included in a kit, so they don’t need to be bought separately and selected independently. The flower diamond art option is available in the kits too.

Please note that rhinestones for diamond painting are quite small and differ in color, so it is advisable to have a special container with several sections. This is a great storage space. It fits easily into any table and doesn’t take up much space. When you buy diamond paintings flowers kits in InspirationCrafts, take a look at the organizers. They are available in our catalog, and it is more convenient and profitable to buy goods in one place, because you won’t need to pay for delivery twice.


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