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In InspirationCrafts store, a customer will find not only numerous ready-made embroidery kits, but useful material required for the job as well. Every needlewoman knows how important it is to have containers for beads and other accessories at hand. If the lid is not tightly closed, then there is always a danger of the beads being lost. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a convenient storage, which can be a box or a container. But the perfect solution is an organizer for beads that features a compartment for each type of beads from your collection. Such an organizer makes storage and sorting much easier. You can divide the beads by color and size, each bead will be in its place, and you won’t have to sort and separate the beads before you start working.

How to choose a bead organizer

Our store’s product range includes more than 90 types of organizers, which differ in size, design, number of sections, and price, of course. Such a variety makes it quite difficult to decide on a particular option, so there are special filters for your convenience.

A buyer can set the acceptable price and manufacturer, and then choose from the suggested options, focusing on appearance of a bead storage box. There are available options with a transparent and wooden lid or without one at all. Boxes with a lid are more preferable, as they guarantee safe storage – the beads won’t spill or be lost.

As for the design, InspirationCrafts offers both simple geometric shapes and fancy products — shaped as flowers, butterflies, animals, birds, food, as well as of various uncommon shapes.

Multilayer organizers are excellent craft bead storage solutions if you have gathered large stocks of different beads. The top products are usually those that enable you to easily store and separate everything needed to create your hand-made masterpieces. Containers with one layer are suitable for those who are just gathering the base of accessories for beadwork.

How to order the best beading storage solutions

The organizers can be found in the store’s Accessories and Materials product category. On InspirationCrafts website, you can choose products by popularity, average price, and minimum/maximum cost rating. After purchasing, you will surely recommend our bead organizer carrying case, since they are not only convenient to use, but feature a unique design as well. Our products are preferred by creative people who always look for a spark even in the most common things.

Our organizers are also special for their versatility. Indeed, they are perfectly suitable for bead storage, but this isn’t the only way to use them. They can also hold threads, needles, and even pill. Any small items that need sorting and separate storage will find a place in our organizers. Don’t hesitate to order InspirationCrafts products to make your favorite pastime more convenient and get another attractive accessory in your collection of needlework items.

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