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Diamond painting is considered one of the most popular and rather innovative types of handicraft. Diamond crystals are applied with tweezers to the fabric with a pattern and glue impregnation, which results in a unique pattern. Everyone can feel like a real artist.

InspirationCrafts supplies kits for every taste, and animal diamond painting is especially popular. Everyone likes cute animals in the pictures, their images really fit in any room: in the nursery, in the kitchen, even in the hallway. In addition, such a picture will be a wonderful gift for a holiday.

How to choose diamond painting animals

A set of diamond mosaics includes crystals of different colors, a canvas with an adhesive base, tweezers, which you will use to attach small mosaic pieces to the fabric. But for your product to be completely finished, this basic set of materials is not enough.

What else should you have to enjoy animal diamond painting kits? The list of auxiliary items looks like this:

  • place to store your mosaic. It can be a regular container, but it is better to choose organizers with several compartments, this will make it easier to select the desired details in color and size.
  • frame. Each finished painting needs a different frame that needs to be ordered separately.
  • packaging (if you plan to gift your finished product).

All this will easily fit into your table along with a set of diamond art animals. Both the kit and related products can be ordered from InspirationCrafts. Our store gives a quality guarantee. With us, your hobby will become much more fun, because we are always happy to help you create beautiful things using new technologies.

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