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Everyone who’s find of embroidery knows how important it is to floss organizer at hand. It is difficult to organize your job without a proper skein storing tool. If you store threads just in a box, they can get tangled; it can be extremely difficult to untangle them afterwards. The thread organizers you’ll find in InspirationCrafts hold the threads tightly not letting them get tangled. This is a great solution for sorting your collection of threads for beadwork.

Moreover, the design of our embroidery floss organizer won’t allow anybody to stay indifferent; every needlewoman will want to have such a cute, but at the same time practical thing at home. The price of our organizers is as attractive as their appearance. So, why not treat yourself with a purchase at InspirationCrafts.

How to choose a thread organizer

All you need to select a storage for embroidery threads is to visit our store’s website, select the Accessories and Materials product category, set the preferable price filters and get down to choosing.

Available is a cross stitch organizer with multiple compartments – if you have a large base, you should choose an option with multiple holes for threads. Also, our containers differ in size and availability of a lid. If you choose an organizer without a lid, it will increase the danger of threads getting dirty; a lid also secures additional protection to the floss.

The product range includes items without any decoration, with prints and decoupage. A wooden thread holder can be made in a simple geometric shape (circle, square or rectangle), while others are made to look like animals, hearts, flowers, butterflies, and so on. Organizers shapes as an artistic palette are also stay high in the popularity rating.

How to buy dmc floss organizer

In InspirationCrafts store, craftspeople will find everything needed to embroider and store the necessary accessories and materials. Thread organizers make it much easier to work, since they keep threads perfectly sorted by color; you will no longer need to start working with a long and painstaking unraveling. This product has long been among the top things necessary for needlework.

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