Diamond painting

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Diamond painting is a kind of creativity, when you make a rhinestone picture on your canvas, while the scheme is already stamped there, and each piece has its own place under a certain number. A unique image is created from miniature multi-colored details, such paintings have a stunning effect and are a wonderful gift or accessory for your home.

For the ease of creating such a masterpiece, kits contain all the materials necessary for this work. Diamond painting kits can be purchased from InspirationCrafts. It is not difficult to create such a picture; you just need to be careful and accurate. If you have these qualities, you will end up with a unique product with amazing design.

How to choose a good diamond painting

In our store, buyers will find more than six hundred offers. All kits range in the following categories:

  • animals;
  • babies;
  • for beginners;
  • birds;
  • butterflies;
  • children;
  • fantasy;
  • flowers;
  • holiday;
  • landscapes;
  • people;
  • religion;
  • still lifes;
  • Other.

Our diamond art kits also have different manufacturers and levels of sophistication. In their carton, customers will find acrylic mosaics of different colours, a plastic base with glue, tweezers and instructions. Manufacturers made sure that masters have all the necessary tools for the job.

Additional products from diamond painting websites

In addition to the materials that are in the kit, it is recommended to purchase additional accessories for your work. So, it is better to have a special storage for diamond crystals on hand, it can be a tray or a container. If we are talking about diamond painting for kids, a customer buy organizer with several compartments is better, kids can lay their mosaic in color there. This makes it much more convenient to sort and select the necessary parts. The creation of an application is a painstaking process, so it is better to organize your work process in advance, making it as comfortable as possible.

In order for your painting to be considered completely finished, masters need to purchase a frame separately, this decoration tool is not included in the diamond paint by number set. All other tools and materials that you will need in your work can also be ordered from InspirationCrafts in the “Accessories and Materials” section, many items can be purchased from sale at a fairly nice price.

How to order diamond painting kits for adults

Adult hobbyists tend to choose paintings with a high level of complexity and intricate designs, teeming with a multitude of colors and shades. But even beginners don’t need to be afraid of complicated paintings – unlike cross stitch, diamond painting is an easier kind of handicraft. Diamond painting sets are a lightweight option for painting and ordinary embroidery.

But despite the simplicity of creating a picture, diamond mosaics are worthy of a prominent place in your personal collection. Paintings made with diamond crystals are amazingly beautiful, and time has no power over them, this material doesn’t fade under the influence of sunlight over the years. There are many diamond paintings for sale in modern craft stores, but the best deals can only be found at InspirationCrafts.

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