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“From every needlewoman according to her abilities, to every needlewoman according to her needs!” – it was this slogan that inspired us to create a whole series of amazing organizers-constructors, which are designed to satisfy all the requirements of our respected craftswomen as much as possible! From now on, you can choose the components of your organizer, its shape, size and, of course, the design yourself and without leaving your home!

How to choose optimal organizer for embroidery

In order to design your own organizer, you need to select the item “Organizer configurator” in the product catalog and decide on the shape and size. The next step is to choose the base of your organizer. It can be selected in the sub-menu item “Organizer Bottom”. It is important to remember that all components of the future structure must have the same size and shape, that is, if you choose the lower part, which is in the shape of a square and measures 19 by 19 centimeters, then all other components must have the same dimensions. Having decided on the base, we add it to the cart and move on to the middle of the product. It should be noted here that you can add as many midpoints to your design as you like, you just have to go to the corresponding sub-item of the menu and send all the components you like to the basket. The final stage of the design process will be the selection of the organizer cover. Organizer lid, like a human head, can only be one, and you can select it in the corresponding sub-item of the menu. After adding a lid to the basket, you can safely proceed to checkout – your organizer has been created and will soon be at your home!

Dear Customers! If the process of “construction” causes you difficulties, and our explanations seem incomprehensible and too lengthy to you, you can contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will definitely help you in creating your own unique organizer!

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