Thread Organizer Cross Stitch Thread Holder Storage Tool FLZ(P)-082

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This wooden Thread Keeps is a great (and precious) alternative to the traditional floss bobbins, a thread organizer which will allow you to work on embroidery not only with pleasure, but also with comfort!

We have designed wonderful storage organizers for moulins, the surface of which is decorated with beautiful and stylish images! From now on, in the process of embroidery, you can be inspired by the paintings of famous artists, beautiful landscapes or abstract patterns!

The images are printed on the organizers using high-tech printing, which preserves saturated colors and the integrity of the image for a long time. And on the other side of the product are engraved numbers that will help you sort the moulins in the necessary order! Now you don’t have to worry about saving your threads! From now on, they will be securely fixed and comfortably sorted! And your creativity will become bright and diverse!

The size, cm: 15×15
Material: Plywood

This product is Made in Ukraine. This is not a Chinese product!

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