Adjustable Cross Stitch Wood Embroidery Stand Oriole Tapestry Wood Scroll Frame

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Universal Lap Table Stand for embroidery. It is completed with a tapestry frame. It is made of ecologically pure beech wood. Surface is qualitatively polished, pleasant to the touch. The frame rotates 360 °

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This is great fully adjustable bed table stand, which is equipped with a Embroidery frame for cross stitching, tapestry, bead embroidery. It is made of ecologically clean wood of a beech. The size changes due to the additional holes in the frame. The frame rotates 360 °, which provides easy access to the inside. The horizontal bar makes the stand more rigid. It can be attached to additional embroidery devices (lamp, magnifying glass, circuit or other). The advantage is has plastic clips for canvas, so no need to get out your needle and thread to sew your canvas to the roller bars. Simply clip the canvas on and away you go without delay. The frame can be easily taken to pieces, so it won’t take up much space. For assembly of frame no extras are necessary.


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