Box for needlework wooden embroidery storage tool organizer for needlewoman

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We are pleased to present to your attention refined and practical embroidery storage tool.

Dear needlewomen! Especially for you, we have developed a number of incredibly beautiful and convenient caskets for the disposal of various small wastes (scraps of thread, fabric, broken needles, defective beads, etc.), which inevitably appear during the work on the project and usually spread evenly throughout the desktop, and sometimes the room in which the craftswoman is located.

This is a small wooden box with plastic lid – an ideal solution and an indispensable tool for the ñraft organization of needlewomen, who generate a lot of small waste in the process, such as scraps, threads, pieces of fabric, etc. You can put our storage container on your desktop and collect all the waste into it. Thus, your workplace will remain clean, nothing will interfere with your embroidery, sewing or knitting. The lid of the needlework box is fixed with the help of reliable magnets. This means that you can safely take our small box on the road and not worry about the cleanliness of the space surrounding you!

The size, cm: 5.5x6x4.5
Material: Plywood

More boxes for needlework here: https://inspirationcraftsua.com/product-category/accessories-and-materials/needlework-box/

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