Micro-embroidery – what is it?

What is micro embroidery? What materials to use for microwaving?

Petite Point is a microscopic embroidery, translated from French as “small dot”, with a stitch size less than 1 mm. At the sight of such painstaking work, a needle with the thickness of hair immediately appears, an elegant drawing emerges in small dots, because the petit-point technique is one of the smallest.


Jewelry embroidered using the micro-embroidery technique looks royal elegantly and richly. This amazing technique was captivated by the attention and love of noble persons, the finest embroidery style became popular during the reign of Maria Theresa, Empress of the Habsburg Empire (from 1717 to 1780). She loved to embroider petite-point jewelry with court ladies. Her enthusiasm soon began to gain popularity and was the result of the emergence of new trade and the establishment of a new centuries-old Viennese tradition.

The artists embroidered beautiful patterns depicting Rococo scenes, famous Viennese buildings, ancient tapestries and bouquets of flowers that reflected Vienna’s charm of that time. For each motif, cotton threads had to be carefully selected from a variety of colors that ranged up to 400 tons. A stitch is a semi-cross made on a silk canvas.
Micro-embroidery requires patience and perseverance. The work is very painstaking, even jewelry. Most often, a magnifier comes to help embroiderers. But there are those who cope without it. In 1 sq.cm there can be up to 400 stitches!
Mostly retro patterns that are saved and carefully restored are embroidered. But there are also modern plots that organically fit into the wardrobe of fashionistas of all ages.

Vintage round mirror

What materials to use for micro-embroidery?

In our sets we use fabric for embroidery of 32 and 40 counts. We believe that uniformity in such counts is the most convenient for embroidery using the micro-embroidery technique for both beginner embroiderers and experienced ones.
We can summarize that micro-embroidery is a retro embroidery technique that is gaining more and more fans in our time.

Adornment  set “Spring"
Pendant “Dog-rose"
Processed with MOLDIV
Pendant “Pomegranate flower"

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