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Modern realities are such that there is not much time left for creative development. But this does not mean that needlework is a thing of the past. On the contrary, in a dynamic rhythm it is simply necessary to give yourself the opportunity to rest, and handicraft is the best relaxation! If you also want to join those who have already managed to discover new potential in themselves and create truly amazing works, then you will surely like diamond embroidery! Regardless of the name, neither a thread nor a needle is needed, because in fact, this is a mosaic of rhinestones, which you will fold with your own hands to create a beautiful picture!


In order to start creating, you need a little patience, tweezers and a special kit. Using tweezers, you need to fill in the finished schematic drawing applied to the canvas with bright rhinestones of different colors. Just imagine how easy it is! And most importantly, the result will be truly amazing!

The kits include everything you need to create a beautiful picture:

  • canvas with a multi-colored scheme and an adhesive layer;
  • acrylic rhinestones;
  • tweezers and plastic rhinestone tray.

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