Doll sewing kit – Mouse Veselushka by NOVA SLOBODA

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The set contains all the necessary materials: 100% linen with patterns on the parts of the doll’s body and with a printed face, material with patterns on clothing items and accessories, filler, buttons, hair yarn, decor elements. The set contains a detailed step-by-step master class on making a doll.

Doll sewing kit will help to create a beautiful toy without effort. It is impossible to remain indifferent at the sight of a magic toy, especially if it is sewn with your own hands. The set has everything you need to work on the future doll: printed patterns of shoes and accessories, filler for stuffing, wire for the frame, decorative twine for finishing accessories, buttons, buckles, blanks for shoe soles. If you are taking the first steps in making dolls, the kit includes a detailed master class with a step-by-step description of the work.

The Dolls size, cm: 20×45

Canvas: Nonwoven fabric

Technique: Sewing

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This product is Made in Ukraine. This is not a Chinese product!

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IMPORTANT! This is a KIT, not a completed work.

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