The middle part of the organizer FLDD-001-3S

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We are pleased to present to your attention middle part for round organizer 6″ inch/14cm diameter.

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From now on, you can choose the components of your bead seed organizer, its shape, dimensions, and, of course, the design yourself and without leaving home. Start designing your seed bead holder by choosing a cover and a bottom. Then select the number and types of levels for your needlework case. You can use your customized organizer for seed bead storage or as a beading board. Also, such a bead sorting tray with lid will be a great gift for jewelry-making lovers. Your personalized box for bead embroidery will be a great decoration for any workspace.

The size, сm: 14x14x0.9
Depth of sections in the middle levels: 0.24” (6 mm)
Depth of sections of the bottom: 0.71” (18 mm)
Material: high-quality plywood, plastic (for some kinds of lids)
Number of cells: 9

Instructions for creating your own organizer:

✔ Select bottom and lid for the organizer. The organizer can have only one lid. The bottom is also only one. So limit your choice to ONE lid and ONE bottom.
✔ Now comes the fun part! Select the middle parts of the organizer. There can be several as much as you like.
✔ That’s all! Place your order! We will try very hard to complete it as quickly as possible!

More options Organizer configurator here:

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