Bead Organizer box Number with wooden lid FLZB-179(8) by Volshebnaya Strana

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We are pleased to present to your attention refined and practical organizers for beads with wooden lid.

If your creative skill has reached the point that it just needs to be captured for future generations, you can do it easily by laying out your own name using our mini letter organizers. These incredibly cute babes can stand upright confidently, so you can safely place them on a shelf, table or any other flat surface. And with the help of our organizers-numbers, you can post your date of birth or to say “Happy New Year”, for example!
But seriously the range of application of these organizers is quite wide. After all, now you can sort the beads alphabetically or by numbers, give your friend-embroiderer an organizer in the form of a letter that starts her name, use these useful accessories as decoration and really put a word or even a whole phrase with them. It all depends on your own imagination!

The size, cm: 9.5×9
Material: Plywood
Number of cells: 12

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