Embroidery kit – Blooming balcony. Panno 19x54cm DIY Hand Embroidery long stitch kit

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The kit contains all necessary materials for embroidery: canvas, thread, needle, scheme, instruction. Before start work we recommend read the instruction.

In modern needlework, in addition to cross-stitching, thread embroidery in various techniques is gaining popularity. The manufacturers of embroidery kits produce long stitch or decorative stitch patterns for embroidery. The Olanta brand has combined these embroidery techniques. Some kits from this manufacturer use stitches in different techniques: long stitch-like stitches, straight stitches, loop stitches and chain stitches, overcast stitch and French knot. It is pleasant and interesting to embroider such sets. And the result is a real masterpiece – a voluminous and unusual picture, bright and colorful, with stunning detail. You can buy a set of embroidery with threads in Ukraine and in any other country through our online store.

Olanta uses gabardine fabric in their Rococo-style embroidery kits. A background drawing is applied to the fabric. A pattern for embroidery with threads is applied over the background image. Colored symbols, which are convenient and easy to embroider, are visible directly on the fabric of the future painting. In the process of embroidery, they are closed from above with threads and are not visible in the finished work. Each symbol corresponds to a specific seam and its placement in the plot of the painting. A description of the stitches and symbols can be found in the instructions supplied with the kit. The instruction is detailed and understandable. Also in the sets there is a needle for embroidery with floss threads. The sets include high-quality cotton floss made by Peri, as well as woolen threads – Italian Riolis.

The Embroidery kit (style Rococo) contains all necessary materials for embroidery:

– threads MOULINE Peri, threads of Riolis (wool), Beads Preciosa (14 colors);
– embroidery needle;
– fabric with printed pattern (gabardine);
– English instruction.

The size, cm: 19×54
Number of colors:  14
Technique: Embroidery

This product is Made in Ukraine. This is not a Chinese product!

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Attention! Frame not included embroidery kit.
IMPORTANT! This is a KIT, not a completed work.

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